Lockdown Exercise – Yes, It’s Important!

As we go through this time of “Lockdown” with restrictions on our movement and our isolation from everyday social interactions that we have become accustom to, it is easy to fall into complacency, apathy, and even laziness towards Exercise as we become concerned, anxious and even depressed over the current situation.

Exercise is more than just about looking a certain way. It is about keeping our body Functional and Healthy for our everyday tasks and long term general Health.

Exercise is also important for the boosted production of Endorphins which not only reduces the perception of Pain, but also triggers a positive feeling of Well-Being which helps to reduce Stress and the negative effects of some Mental Health issues.

During this time, where most Exercise facilities such as Gyms and indoor (and many outdoor) Sports & Recreation places are closed, most people are finding that their only means to Exercise is a casual walk, which quickly just becomes a valid excuse to get out of the house for a little while, and who can blame you.

As beneficial and important as “Any Exercise is better than No Exercise” is, and yes walking is great Exercise, but walking alone does not meet the needs that our bodies require. And by that I do not mean the answer is “Running”.

We burn the same amount of calories Walking a kilometre as we do Running a Kilometre, the only difference is Time.

Our bodies need a more comprehensive and overall “Workout” to get what we need.

Besides the “Motivation” issues of people in Lockdown, is the issue of a lack of knowledge. The average person just does not know what to do to maximise their workouts.

Even if the person has Exercise equipment at their disposal, most know only a few Exercises, and if they do not become bored with what they know, they are usually only achieving a fraction of their true potential.

Yes, there are many videos and resources on the internet that can help, but if that alone was enough then everyone would be Ultra Fit & Healthy now, wouldn’t they?

This is where the Personal Trainer comes into their own.

In this time of Lockdown, you can still utilise the services of a Personal Trainer who will not only help to keep you motivated but will also give you a more comprehensive program which will not only provide the workout that will keep your body in shape, burn off excess calories, tone muscles, etc, but will also maximise your Endorphin release, and help reduce your stress levels.

A Personal Trainer also has the knowledge of how to achieve this with, and without specialised equipment.

So YES, Exercise IS Important, especially in this time of Lockdown.

Do what Exercise you can, as “Any Exercise is better than No Exercise”, but also seriously consider consulting a Personal Trainer to maximise the Benefits of your Exercise Time.