Exercise For Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals and related Fitness “Needs” require specific exercises and programs to achieve.

Selecting the right exercises and programs, and understanding the purpose and design of them, is essential to correctly training your body, thus getting the results that you are specifically after.

There are an incredible number, (an almost unlimited amount), of Exercise Programs out there in the big wide world, and each one has a specific, unique purpose in their design.

We can talk about individual exercises all day long, but at the end of the day, your Swoop Fitness Personal Trainer will put together a program of these individual exercises that is uniquely designed for you and your body to achieve YOUR personal goals and needs.


What about the Pre-Planned, Pre-Choreographed, and One-Size-Fits-All approach programs that everyone knows about, that most gymgoers have tried at least once, and almost every gym has a class for with at least 2 of these programs.

Pilates, Spin, Yoga, Body Pump, Step, Box Fit, TRX, Aerobics, Tabata, Zumba, Bootcamp, Tai Chi, Jazzercize, CrossFit, Body Combat, and the list goes on and on but are any of these right for You?

Programs such as Pilates and Yoga have a strong base in Body Posture, Flexibility, and Core Stability & Strength.

While they are similar to the average person, Yoga usually has a more spiritual and meditative aspect, and has a strong focus on muscle and joint Flexibility along with controlling Balance, whereas Pilates focuses more on Core Stability, Body Posture and Strengthening Muscles.

HIIT, Tabata, CrossFit, and other interval training programs work on Strength & Conditioning, Cardio and Endurance in their own ways, and each have their own sycophants and detractors who will respectively praise the benefits or condemn the dangers of each one.

At the end of the day, it is up to you, the individual, who has to look at the training program and the individual exercises within each one, and then decide for yourself as you weigh the “pros” and “cons” of them, and even IF the program will affect your body in the way you need it to in order to achieve your Fitness Goals.

We could break down each form of program and what they specifically do, but even then, so many have several variations within themselves.

There are benefits to Body Combat, and there are benefits to Tai Chi, both based on martial arts, but they will have a very different effect on the body. We could go on and on about it forever.

The real issue and the ONLY thing you should be asking yourself when looking at these types of programs is:

“Is it a FUN Program that helps to progress me to my Goal?”

The program should be something that progresses you to your Goal and it should be something that you enjoy doing.

If it’s not FUN, then you will stop doing it, BUT, if it is not progressing you to your Goal, or worse, working against your Goal, then it is not in your interest to do it.

Exercise for YOUR Goals!

These programs can be a great supplemental addition, and even enhance your regular program.

If you’re looking for some fun and variety, then talk to your Swoop Fitness Trainer about which of these types of programs will work well with your current program and will enhance your progress towards your Fitness Goals.