healthy food fitness lifestyleWhat You Eat Matters

When it comes to Fitness and Health, what you put in your mouth matters a great deal, which is why Nutrition is always discussed, (to some degree), when dealing with Fitness Goals.

Most people are aware of Calorie Deficits and Calorie Surplus’ when it comes to weight loss and gains.

Of course, to lose weight, you must be using more energy than you put in, and visa versa when it comes to gaining weight.

That is where the conversation for most comes to an end…. But!

The actual type of specific foods and drink that you put into your body can have a profound effect that can directly enhance or hinder your specific Fitness Goals.

Why is plain Water better than anything else when it comes to liquids that you drink? Simply put, it is because water is the raw, untouched ingredient that the body needs for numerous reasons.

ANYTHING that we add to it is purely for flavouring, supplemental, and/or intoxicating purposes.

Food is no different, be it more complex, but the principal behind it is the same.

There are a million books on nutrition, and to try to break it down into a condensed, concise detailed blog that covers it all just isn’t possible but let’s try break it down into the very basics.

EVERY single bit of food has a very specific and unique nutritional properties to it.

When we combine different foods, (individual ingredients/items), we get our nutritional needs meet as one ingredient may contain Protein, another may contain Omega 3, and another may contain Potassium, etc… and yes, most foods have many nutritional properties within each ingredient, etc, but the point is, that is how we have our nutritional needs are met.

This is where we get to the point of what we are talking about today.

Depending on YOUR specific Fitness Goal, what you eat, how much you eat, and the individual nutritional properties of the food you consume can play an enormous role in your progress and can either assist or hinder your progress, as well as have unintended consequences.

For example, a diet high in salt, foods containing certain minerals, and beverages such as alcohol and those high in caffeine can cause Water Retention in many people, which can have severe negative implications.

On to another example, if you are trying to Build Muscle and “Bulk Up” but live on a diet of Hot Chips and Coca-Cola, you will find it a lot more difficult to achieve that goal than if you are on a proper diet that has all the required amount Proteins, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and other nutritional properties that the body uses in the process of Building Muscle!

Again, this is a topic that cannot justifiably or satisfactorily be covered in such a short article, but it is important that when talking about YOUR Fitness Goals, when the eventual topic of Nutrition is raised, don’t roll those eyes… Seriously consider the situation and HOW Nutrition is involved.

It is more than just Calorie Deficits and Calorie Surplus’… Way more.

What YOU eat… Really does Matter!