After Breathing, (taking in Oxygen and expelling Carbon Dioxide), the second most important ingredient to sustain life is Water!

In general, the average person can survive between 8 to 21 days without Food, but only up to 3 days without Water. This important fact regarding Food & Water is known by the average person, and although most know that the body needs Water as a priority, more than Food, very few are aware of the “Why” in a comprehensive context.

Most people have heard that the average adult should be drinking 8 to 10 cups of Water a Day! But unfortunately the vast majority think it is just to replace the Water they lose from sweating and urinating.

Although, 2 litres or more of Water seems like a lot to get through in a single day for some, those same people usually have very little problems consuming 2 litres of other fluids such as soft drink or alcohol in a single night out.

Water is basically the essential ingredient that makes your entire body function.

Yes, I am sure you are aware of all the bodily fluids that leave the human body, from tears that moisten the eyes, saliva that moistens the mouth, sweat to help regulate the body’s temperature, Water vapour expelled from the lungs during breathing, genital secretions for reproduction purposes, right up to urine, faecal movements, and other secretions (e.g. Nasal) to remove waste and toxins from the body.

But do you know that there is so much more that Water does in regards to the function of the human body?

Water is the substance that all of your bodies biochemical reactions occur in. It is the substance that fills the spaces between the cells. It helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them more accessible to the body.

Water helps form structures of large molecules such as glycogen and protein and is involved in the lubrication of the joints and the list goes on.

Of course we have to mention that Water plays a large role in digestion, as it not only flushes out the toxins and waste from the kidneys, but it also plays an important role to maintain healthy stool and avoid constipation.

An adequate amount of Water is needed to help maintain digestive juices, maintain stool movement, and prevent kidney stones.

Obviously plain Water is the most optimal form to consume, as it has all the benefits and ZERO Calories!

We can consume the Water we need in the flavoured form, but we really need to be mindful of what that “Flavour” is, as it may not only contain unwanted calories, sodium, etc, but some “Flavours” will have a detrimental effect on the body and some of these can even Dehydrate you along with other adverse effects.

Just because it’s a fluid, doesn’t necessarily mean that the water contained in it can count towards your daily intake needs.

When you think about the 8 cups (2 Litres) of Water you need to consume, just remember that it doesn’t have to be consumed in one single drink. For most people, just drinking when your body is telling you that it’s thirsty throughout the day will be enough to reach the quota, and then it will most likely be more than the recommended “2 Litres”… Just go with the flow!

So now that you know the importance of Water, and how it affects YOUR body… what are You going to do?

Drink up and enjoy the healthiest drink on the planet.