The SECRET To Getting The SUMMER Body Is WINTER!

We’ve all heard people saying how they want to get that “Summer Body” as the weather turns warmer and people start venturing out with less and less clothes. The only problem is that most people who say this only think of it around the first day of summer.

The secret to getting that “Summer Body” is to begin working towards it before Winter begins.

It’s understandable that people become less active in Winter. It’s cold, there’s less daylight, and it’s sooooo tempting to curl up on the lounge in a nice toasty, heated room with your favourite movie or television show.

The problem is, this activity is usually accompanied with food that has way too much weight gaining properties that just tastes so good.

The real issue isn’t necessarily the “Food”, yes, many people gain weight over Winter, and as mentioned, a lot of the “Relaxing” activities go hand in hand with poor food choices.

There are a number of contributing factors, from people drinking less water during Winter, (because of the cold which leads to dehydration and making the person to feel lethargic, thus leading to a lack of motivation and energy), to an increased appetite as the body’s metabolism increases due to the body working harder to maintain temperature.

There are even “Theories” (to make the person feel better and justify the weight gain), such as, “It’s a seasonal thing” where your body is “needing” to increase fat to keep you warm.

But let’s face Reality and remove the “Excuses”, the simple truth is, (for most people), we just cannot be bothered.

It’s COLD, and Often RAINY, and WINDY, etc, etc, etc… It gets miserable outside and it’s not an incentive to leave the house.

Then to add to that, getting home from work, school, and so on, and it’s dark outside. In summer you could go for a nice evening walk at 7:30pm and know you have an hour or so before it gets dark out there.

We just do less activity in Winter!… A LOT Less… It’s that simple for most people.

There is no shaming here, as we have already said, it’s UNDERSTANDABLE!… But you have to expect to gain weight over the Winter months in this situation.

If YOU want to be in the best shape that YOU can possibly be in when those warm Summer months roll around, then you have to Drink more water, Watch what you eat, and Continue to Exercise… No matter how cold or dark it is.

Swoop Fitness is here to maximise the activity your body needs, while efficiently using and minimising the time you spend working out so you can get back on that lounge with the heater on.

And come Summer, everyone will be asking… “What’s Your Secret”