The hardest part fofitness trainer taking first stepr everyone who is thinking about embarking on a Fitness Journey to improve their life in some way is simply taking The First Step.

Everyone has their own reasons and motivations “Why”, and they are in every way unique, personal and individual to the person involved.
Just as people have their reasons “Why”, they have their excuses for the “Why Not” which can be both perceived and actual barriers that prevent them from starting their journey and “putting it off” for a better time to begin.

For so many, that initial First Step comes from a pivotal moment, event or situation that the person feels “I have to do something” and almost feels pushed into taking action to begin their journey.
With this in mind, many are just “Waiting” for that moment.
It’s easy to say, “I’ll start next Monday” and then as the day comes around, “waiting another week won’t hurt”, but then the next thing you know, 6 months have passed and nothing has changed.

Some barriers are real, others are perceived, the real question is, “Do you really WANT to do it”? (If you are reading this Blog, then you are at least seriously thinking about it)
There are many excuses out there for the easy way out, to put it off for another week, month, year, or even talk yourself out of it completely.
No Time, No Money, No Transport, Bad Weather, etc etc etc.
Yes, the list just goes on and on.
But! Are these real genuine barriers that prevent you from taking that First Step, or is it just a matter of priorities and excuses?
Or are you waiting for that “Pivotal Moment” or “Situation” to make it a priority?
What will happen if that moment never comes?

Why wait for that “Moment” or “Situation” to make you feel that you have to take action?
It is HERE, it is NOW!

If you are waiting for a sign to take The First Step of a Fitness Journey that will improve your health, and help you reach your own personal goals, then…
Only YOU can make this decision and do what is necessary to make it happen. If it is something that you Really want, you will find a way.

The First Step can be scary for some, change often is, but in a year’s time, will you look back on this moment and say “I should have started back then” or will you say “That was the day I took my First Step”?